You describe the property step by step

Be as precise as possible when putting all the required information into our valuation tool.

The information about your property is analysed

We compare the location and features of your property with similar properties to come up with a value.

You receive a property valuation shortly afterwards by email

A little after that, we send you a bespoke report on our findings, with no obligation and free of charge.

Receive a valuation – how does it work?

Well, it’s entirely up to you. We are happy to answer any questions you may have or perform a more detailed valuation.

And the cost? It’s free!

Have your property valued immediately and free of charge

We need to know the address, fittings and age of the building – just a few details about the property in order for us to give a prompt answer. Our figures can also be relied on because we assess the key data based on various factors. Essentially, we compare it with equivalent properties and consider it in the light of industry information about supply and demand.

This brief analysis gives you a well-founded indicator of the purchase price that you could achieve. You benefit by not selling too cheaply, and you also do not run the risk of deterring prospective buyers with an inflated price.

Of course, we are also happy to provide you with a detailed property valuation that takes all the details of your property into account. Harness the expertise of our specialists.

Do you have any questions? Perhaps you have received your initial bespoke report and would like to discuss how to proceed? Then call us, send an email or arrange a consultation.

You can reach us at the telephone number
030 - 30 30 13 00 or via E-Mail: 


„Are you planning to sell your house or a plot of land? Our brief analysis gives you a quick and no-obligation overview of the current value of your property.

We are an experienced, discreet team of brokers that can assist you all the way through to a successful sale.“

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